Surfers have known of this place for many years for its great atmosphere and great surf breaks. Gizo has a number of great surf locations all only accessible by boat from Fatboys, all Western Provence surf breaks, break on coral reef. Such breaks include:


Pailongge & Titiana- Both can be easily reached with a short paddle from the village on Gizo Island. 

Pailongge- A long right-hander that picks up a lot of swell and breaks in front of a village. It has two sections that join and become perfect on large swells. Hollow inside sections.

Titiana- 800 metres south and is a strong lefthander.

Makuti Island- A short left-hander, very hollow and shallow. Best on high tide. Be sure to act respectful here towards the local villages.

Skull Island- A 2 hour boat ride from Gizo & near Zipolo Habu Resort. It's possibly the longest right-hander in the Solomon's. Needs a medium to large swell, best at 3-6 foot, the wave starts breaking about 200 meters south of Skull Island.

Mechanical- Walling wave that ends in a deep water into a lush lagoon. 

Despretes- A peaky right-hander that breaks close to shore. Great take off that barrels down-the-line. The wave breaks on a point at the end of a beautiful lagoon that you can enter by boat through a break in the reef. Great picnic and snorkelling spot.

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